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Commercial Mini Oven with Grid & Rotisserie 60 litres | Adexa TO6002 -53%
Toast, Bake, Broil, Grill your dishes! Bargain mini toaster oven suitable for small catering establi..
£226.80 £106.80
Thermobox 46 litre GN1/1 | Adexa TCB200EPP -44%
This professional EPP Box is a very high quality insulated food transportation box. The boxes are ma..
£62.40 £34.80
No-contact Disinfection Stand Stainless steel Height 1125mm | Adexa AYK001 -50%
This floor standing and foot pedal operated stainless steel stand holds almost all generic hand sani..
£477.60 £238.80
Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 12 x 1 litres | Adexa DLS1x12 -62%
This alcohol hand sanitiser is ideal for maintaining a high level of hygiene in the workplace. Effec..
£216.00 £82.80
Garbage Bin Bag Liners 100pcs Heavy duty 120 litre Black | Adexa RS120HD -50%
These heavy duty black waste bin bags hold up to 120 litres of general waste and office cleaning. Fe..
£28.80 £14.40
Commercial Hand Wash Sink Cabinet Stainless steel Pedal control | Adexa THHWR445 -51%
Thanks to its foot pedal operated design, this hands free professional hand sink cabinet helps reduc..
£441.60 £214.80
Silver Barrier Post with Black Retractable Belt 2m | Adexa SBP01B -54% 7-10 days delivery
Easily organize the entrance to your hotel, night club, or casino with this sturdy stanchion guidanc..
£100.80 £46.80
Pizza Boxes Brown Compostable 13'' | Adexa PB13R -60%
Practical and sustainable, these pizza boxes are perfect for any takeaway, pizzeria or restaurant lo..
£0.66 £0.26
Heavy Duty Large Panini Contact grill 2.2kW Ribbed | Adexa EG02A -74%
Commercial panini grill with a huge range of professional catering uses. A must have for any caterin..
£686.40 £178.80
Commercial Electric Combi Steamer 4 trays 325x450mm | Adexa YSD2A -70%
Multi purpose convection oven for professional use in commercial kitchens at a bargain price. 6..
£1,242.00 £370.80
Pizza Dough Box 600x400x75mm Polypropylene | Adexa GPH75 -57%
Made of polypropylene suitable for foodThe tray keeps dough fresh inside and makes the dough ferment..
£25.20 £10.80
Commercial Induction cooker 3kW | Adexa EMO3K5H -59%
Save time and energy by using the powerful yet efficient professional 3kW induction hob. Designed fo..
£404.40 £166.80
Compostable Coffe Cup Lids for 12&16oz cups Black | Adexa PSL1216B -60%
Please see under 'Specification' for detailed information...
£0.06 £0.03
Compostable Coffe Cups Ripple wall 12oz/355ml White | Adexa RW12W -64%
Disposable coffe cups made of PE (polyethylene) coated paper, providing a very strong moisture ..
£0.12 £0.04
Compostable Coffe Cup Lids for 8oz cups Black | Adexa PSL8B -60%
Please see under 'Specification' for detailed information...
£0.05 £0.02
Compostable Coffe Cups Ripple wall 8oz/237ml White | Adexa RW8W -63%
Disposable coffe cups made of PE (polyethylene) coated paper, providing a very strong moisture ..
£0.09 £0.03
Cup Sleave for 12&16oz cups | Adexa CS1216K -59%
Please see under 'Specification' for detailed information...
£0.04 £0.02
Professional Wine cooler 51 bottles | Adexa JC128 -59%
Commercial wine fridge for catering industry use in bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels. A real barga..
£618.00 £250.80
Chest freezer Solid white lid 140 litres Energy class A+ | Adexa BD142JA -45%
Chest freezer with generous internal capacity. The perfect frozen food storage for resaurants, hotel..
£372.00 £202.80
Commercial Refrigerator Upright cabinet 400 litres Stainless steel Single door | Adexa SR400 -60%
A premium single door commercial fridge with a multitude of professional catering uses. Perfect for ..
£1,436.40 £574.80
Catering Ice cube maker 26kg/24h 6kg bin | Adexa ZB26 -64%
A very reliable commercial ice machine to ensure a constant supply of ice so serve your business. A ..
£1,310.40 £466.80
Commercial Bottle cooler Upright 282 litres Fan assisted cooling Hinged glass door Black/White | Adexa LG282B -59%
Commercial showcase bottle cooler for bars, pubs, stores, cafés, restaurants or hotels, this drinks ..
£981.60 £406.80
Commercial Strip Warmer with Chains 1524mm | Adexa ISW04B -53%
Keep your prepared foods hot and ready to serve with this professional strip warmer with chains for ..
£327.60 £154.80
Commercial Food warmer 1 heating lamp GN1/1 | Adexa WL275 -53%
Ensure your most popular dishes stay at hot and safe temperatures throughout the day.Aluminum alloy ..
£201.60 £94.80
Commercial Bain Marie 3xGN1/3 Including 3 containers with lid | Adexa ZCK165B3 -55%
This professional wet bain marie is the ideal catering appliance for keeping large batches of food w..
£265.20 £118.80
Commercial Pizza warming tray GN1/1 530x325mm | Adexa WT1 -50%
Professional warming tray ideal for holding all food at ready to serve temperature. Very useful for ..
£214.80 £106.80
Commercial Fryer Electric 22 litres 3kW Countertop | Adexa EF201V -70%
Heavy duty and very high capacity single tank professional fryer. With a industrial sized 22 li..
£603.60 £178.80
Professional Gas range Gas oven 4 burners 24kW+6kW | Adexa Hotmax 700 GR722 -69%
Heavy duty, high quality professional gas range made from AISI 304 stainless steel on a GN1/1 commer..
£3,822.00 £1,198.80
Professional Electric Range oven 6 plates 12kW Electric oven 2.5kW | Giga M76PFXE -64%
A premium and heavy duty Italian made commercial range oven. Perfect for any busy restaurant, hotel ..
£3,706.80 £1,318.80
Professional Griddle Electric 728x400mm 4.4kW 2 zones Smooth | Adexa EGDMX1 -46% 7-10 days delivery
Heavy duty and powerful commercial griddle. A very high value for money professional frytop suited f..
£355.20 £190.80
Commercial Bain Marie Table 2xGN1/1 Dry heat | Adexa NVC2 -54%
Make sure your hot food is being held at safe temperatures on your serving line with this profession..
£758.40 £346.80
Commercial Deep fat Fryer 8+8 litres 6.5kW Countertop | Adexa HDF88 -67%
Professional twin tank deep fat fryer. This countertop fryer is suitable for takeaways, restaurants,..
£679.20 £226.80
Commercial Electric Combi Steamer 4 trays 325x450mm | Adexa YSD2A -70%
Multi purpose convection oven for professional use in commercial kitchens at a bargain price. 6..
£1,242.00 £370.80
Commercial Electric Convection Oven with Grill 4 trays 325x450mm | Adexa YSD3A -66%
Bargain discount convection oven for professional catering use. 62L capacity cavity 460x37..
£1,052.40 £358.80
Professional Combi steamer Electric 5 trays GN2/3 Electromechanic controls Direct steam Right hinged door | Tecnoeka EKF523UD -57% 7-10 days delivery
High quality commercial combi oven made in Italy. Professional electric combi steamer with direct st..
£2,943.60 £1,258.80
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