Commercial Glasswasher 800-1000 glasses/hour 350mm basket Gravity drain 13A | Omniwash 3500ST -52%
Clear height for glasses: 250mm. A perfect commercial glasswasher if you're looking for the per..
£1,260.00 £598.80
Catering ice cube maker 25kg/24h 6kg bin | Adexa ZB26 -71%
A very reliable commercial ice machine to ensure a constant supply of ice so serve your business. A ..
£1,188.00 £346.80
10''/250mm Commercial meat slicer | Adexa HBS250A -42%
This Adexa HBS250A 10" manual gravity feed food slicer features a compact design that's ideal for sm..
£367.20 £214.80
Pizza prep station/counter 3 doors Granite top Refrigerated counter top display 10xGN1/4 Depth 800mm | Adexa PZ3600TN + VRX2000 -46%
High quality refrigerated pizza preparation table made in stainless steel with 3 doors and 1 shelf p..
£2,533.20 £1,378.80
Back bar cooler 3 hinged doors 382 litres Added volume | Adexa SC315G -61%
Professional back bar fridge for busy bars, hotels, shops, resturants and other commercial catering ..
£1,168.80 £454.80
Sink 2 bowls Bottom shelf Splashback 1200mm Depth 600mm | Adexa SNB612D -36% 7-10 days delivery
This is an amazing value for money sink. Heavy duty, premium quality, fully stainless steel sink to ..
£781.20 £502.80
Salad bar Chilled Roller Fixed sneeze guards Mahogany 4xGN1/1 | Adexa SBM4M -36% 3-5 days delivery
Please see under 'Specification' for detailed information.Stainless steel one-piece moulded bowl, gr..
£2,272.80 £1,464.00
Wall cabinet Sliding doors Stainless steel Width 1400mm Depth 400mm | Adexa THWSR144 -59%
Premium quality, fully stainless steel wall cupboard with middle shelf to meet the high quality stan..
£588.00 £238.80
Saladette Open top 2 doors | Adexa S900STD -52%
This top quality commercial salad prep counter is designed to give outstanding performance in all bu..
£958.80 £462.00
Commercial refrigerator Upright cabinet 600 litres Stainless steel | Adexa GN600TNV -41%
Great value-for-money professional upright cabinet fridge well suited for restaurants, bars or hotel..
£1,125.60 £658.80
Pass through dishwasher 1080 plates/hour Gravity drain 400V | Adexa DW1040TP -58%
A commercial passthrough, hood type dishwasher that meets the high demands of the commercial food se..
£3,598.80 £1,498.80
Gas boiling top 2 burners 7.2kW | Adexa Hotmax 600 GC604 -30%
Please see under 'Specification' for detailed information.Body and panelling made of stainless steel..
£427.20 £298.80
Gas chargrill 2 zones 9.6kW Table top | Adexa Hotmax 600 GGL606 -32% 3-5 days delivery
Please see under 'Specification' for detailed information.Body and panelling made of stainless steel..
£1,053.60 £718.80
Electric Bain Marie 1xGN3/4 0.8kW Table top | Adexa Hotmax 600 EB604 -58% 3-5 days delivery
Please see under 'Specification' for detailed information.Without containersMade of stainless steel...
£510.00 £214.80
Electric range Electric oven 4 plates 10.4kW+3kW | Adexa Hotmax 700 ER722 -38%
Heavy duty, high quality electric range made from AISI 304 stainless steel on GN1/1 electric oven.4 ..
£1,549.20 £958.80
Banqueting trolley Hot Mobile 10xGN2/1 760x900mm | Adexa BQ1N -31% 7-10 days delivery
Commercial banquet trolley that fulfils the highest demands of design, functionality and ergonomics...
£1,737.60 £1,198.80
Back bar cooler 2 hinged doors 207 litres | Adexa BBD230H -61%
High quality glass door back bar fridge with Zanussi compressor and Dixell digital thermostat. A ver..
£804.00 £310.80
Back bar cooler 3 hinged doors 320 litres | Adexa BBT350H -57%
High quality commercial back bar fridge with Zanussi compressor and Dixell digital thermostat. A ver..
£972.00 £418.80
Back bar cooler 1 hinged door 136 litres | Adexa BBS130H -57%
High quality back bar fridge with Zanussi compressor and Dixell digital thermostat. A very space sav..
£636.00 £274.80
Back bar cooler 2 sliding doors 207 litres | Adexa BBD230S -61%
High quality 2 door black back bar/bottle refrigerator with Zanussi compressor and Dixell digital th..
£852.00 £334.80
Refrigerator Upright cabinet 400 litres Stainless steel | Adexa SR40VS -69%
A premium single door commercial fridge with a multitude of professional catering uses. Perfect for ..
£1,490.40 £466.80
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