Commercial Pizza Oven Electric 860x630mm 6.6kW Capacity 6 pizzas at 12" Digital | Adexa EO102D -67%
 In Stock
Great value for money thermally insulated digital control electric pizza oven well suited for small ..
(£459.00 excl VAT) £1,647.60 £550.80
Electric Pizza oven 4 pizzas of 8'' | Adexa PO06 -65%
 In Stock
Great value for money thermally insulated electric pizza oven well suited for small pizzerias, bars ..
(£159.00 excl VAT) £537.60 £190.80
Bar Cooler Glass door 98 litres | Adexa SC98 -64%
 In Stock
Commercial compressor chiller to be used as hotel minibar, bar beer fridge, store bottle cooler or r..
(£239.00 excl VAT) £807.60 £286.80
Commercial Fryer Single Electric 10 litre 3kW Countertop Drainage tap | Adexa MAREF101V -63%
 In Stock
Professional single tank deep fat fryer at a huge sale discount. This high quality countertop fr..
(£119.00 excl VAT) £387.60 £142.80
Commercial Mini Oven 16 litres | Adexa TO1601 -65%
 In Stock
Toast, Bake, Broil, Grill your dishes! Bargain mini toaster oven suitable for small catering establi..
(£35.00 excl VAT) £118.80 £42.00
Commercial Slot Toaster 4 slices | Adexa TO40S -64%
 In Stock
Commercial toaster with 4 slots. For professional catering use in restuarants, hotels or cafés. ..
(£38.00 excl VAT) £126.00 £45.60
Charcoal & Gas Grill Combo with Side burner | Adexa E20A41A22 -67%
 In Stock
This Gas and Charcoal Grill combination is constructed of a heavy duty material. Elegant design toge..
(£299.00 excl VAT) £1,077.60 £358.80
Commercial Deep Fat Fryer 16 litres 3kW Countertop Drainage tap | Adexa MAREF161V -65% 7-10 days delivery
 7-10 days delivery
This professional countertop fryer is a compact and powerful deep fat frying solution for busy profe..
(£129.00 excl VAT) £447.60 £154.80
Commercial Deep Fat Fryer 8+8 litres 2.5+2.5kW Countertop | Adexa MAREF82 -67%
 In Stock
Professional twin tank deep fat fryer at a bargain discount price. A fully stainless steel fryer fea..
(£99.00 excl VAT) £357.60 £118.80
Commercial Gas BBQ Grill with 5 burners & side tray | Adexa E50N52N24SB -66%
 In Stock
A premium, heavy duty "workhorse" gas bbq grill providing extra durabilty,  performance and exc..
(£299.00 excl VAT) £1,047.60 £358.80
Gas BBQ Grill with 4 burners & side trays | Adexa E20A22A24 -65%
 In Stock
This sleek two burner gas barbecue has convenient side tables for placing serving trays. Superior re..
(£199.00 excl VAT) £687.60 £238.80
Smart Air Purifier with Prefilter + H13 HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon Filter | Adexa VK6080A -68%
 In Stock
The sleek design of the air purifier means it will subtly blend with any décor and the modern white ..
(£63.00 excl VAT) £234.00 £75.60
2-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine 15 bar | Adexa CM6863 -65%
 In Stock
Semi-automatic 2-in-1 espresso coffee maker with steam wand. Choose your strength with classic espre..
(£69.00 excl VAT) £237.60 £82.80
3 Piece Whisk Set Stainless Steel | Adexa E021 -61%
 In Stock
This stainless steel wire whisk set is an essential kitchen staple, no matter the size of your cater..
(£1.99 excl VAT) £6.08 £2.39
Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 1 litres | Adexa DLS1 -89%
 In Stock
This alcohol hand sanitiser is ideal for maintaining a high level of hygiene in the workplace. Effec..
(£2.00 excl VAT) £21.60 £2.40
Portable Ice Machine Countertop 12kg/24h 0.7kg bin | Adexa HZB12A -60%
 In Stock
Compact and convenient countertop ice machine which is an ideal ice maker for domestic use, staff ro..
(£98.00 excl VAT) £295.20 £117.60
Commercial Dishwasher 540 plates/hour 500mm basket Gravity drain 13A | Omniwash 5000ST -65%
 In Stock
All caterers require a reliable and dependable professional undercounter dishwasher like this one, l..
(£899.00 excl VAT) £3,093.60 £1,078.80
Commercial Electric Combi Steamer 4 trays 325x450mm | Adexa YSD2A -58%
 In Stock
Multi purpose convection oven for professional use in commercial kitchens at a bargain price.6..
(£397.00 excl VAT) £1,147.20 £476.40
Commercial Induction cooker 3kW | Adexa EMO3K5H -60%
 In Stock
Save time and energy by using the powerful yet efficient professional 3kW induction hob. Designed fo..
(£181.00 excl VAT) £541.20 £217.20
Professional Countertop Planetary mixer 10 litres with Meat grinder & Sausage & Pasta maker 1.5kW Stainless steel | Adexa SM2088G -60%
 In Stock
Powerful and reliable, this commercial 10 litre planetary mixer helps you to produce the results you..
(£189.00 excl VAT) £567.60 £226.80
Medium duty Commercial Microwave oven Grill 30 litre 1500W Digital | Adexa D100N30 -60%
 In Stock
Professional microwave oven with defrost and grill capability for commercial catering use in restaur..
(£124.00 excl VAT) £372.00 £148.80
Professional Blender 2 litre 1200W | Adexa CB501 -60%
 In Stock
This premium blender is an invaluable commercial kitchen tool with its multi-function usage as a ble..
(£59.00 excl VAT) £177.60 £70.80
Wine Glass Rack Silver Wall mounted Length 400mm 20 wine glasses | Adexa WGA58500400S -60%
 In Stock
Helping to prevent glass breakage, this wine glass rack is perfect for cocktail and wine bars, or an..
(£17.00 excl VAT) £51.60 £20.40
Professional Wine cooler 51 bottles | Adexa JC128 -60%
 In Stock
Commercial wine fridge for catering industry use in bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels. A real barga..
(£329.00 excl VAT) £994.80 £394.80
Professional Wine Cooler 151 Bottles | Adexa AXW310 -60%
 In Stock
This high quality, commercial wine fridge is perfect for use in a bar, pub or restaurant with it's a..
(£539.00 excl VAT) £1,606.80 £646.80
Commercial Refrigerator Upright Cabinet 335 litres Silver Single Door | Adexa AX350NX -63%
 In Stock
This perfectly sized, high quality upright refrigerator is full of helpful features meaning this f..
(£449.00 excl VAT) £1,447.20 £538.80
Professional Citrus Juicer 25 Oranges/Minute with Self Service Tap | Adexa WDFOJ250SST -60%
 In Stock
Commercial citrus juicer for orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, blood orange and much more. Idea for a..
(£1,780.00 excl VAT) £5,340.00 £2,136.00
Silver Barrier Post with Black Retractable Belt 2m | Adexa SBP01B -65%
 In Stock
Easily organize the entrance to your hotel, night club, or casino with this sturdy stanchion guidanc..
(£29.00 excl VAT) £100.80 £34.80
Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Single lever Chrome | Adexa 50128000 -57%
 In Stock
Brass bodyChromed zinc handle35mm cartridgeWith stainless steel fixing nutPlastic cartridge coverSta..
(£13.00 excl VAT) £36.00 £15.60
Pack of 8 Plastic Storage Box with Wheels & Lid & Clips 50 litre 560x390x310mm Polypropylene | Adexa S1050 -39%
 In Stock
Perfect in any room in your home or business to keep you organized. Quickly identify contents with c..
(£59.00 excl VAT) £115.20 £70.80
Industrial Shelving Unit Heavy duty 1200x450x1800mm 4 shelves 500 kg/shelf Powder coated steel | Adexa H12045 -70%
 In Stock
This heavy duty commercial shelving unit is perfect for storage areas, warehouses, restaurant kitche..
(£95.00 excl VAT) £386.40 £114.00
Commercial Waffle maker Double Round | Adexa WF2207D -60%
 In Stock
Professional waffle machine perfect for self-serve breakfast buffets, hotel breakfast bars, din..
(£223.00 excl VAT) £668.40 £267.60
Commercial Cheese Warmer | Adexa CW44B -60%
 In Stock
This commercial cheese warmer has a convenient temperature control which can heat ranges from 35℃ to..
(£294.00 excl VAT) £880.80 £352.80
Commercial Waffle Maker Single Round | Adexa WFR1 -60%
 In Stock
This professional waffle maker is the right product for you if you're looking for a high quality a..
(£235.00 excl VAT) £703.20 £282.00
Commercial Work Table Stainless Steel Rear Upstand Bottom shelf 600x600x850mm | Adexa SW606S -57% Out Of Stock
 Out Of Stock
If you're limited for space, then this compact stainless steel work table is amazing value for money..
(£114.00 excl VAT) £320.40 £136.80

Out of Stock

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Commercial Work Table Stainless Steel Rear Upstand Bottom shelf 1000x600x850mm | Adexa SW1006S -58% Out Of Stock
 Out Of Stock
This high quality work table is suitable for any restaurant, hotel or similar catering kitchen estab..
(£132.00 excl VAT) £376.80 £158.40

Out of Stock

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Commercial Folding Work Table Stainless Steel 1500x600x800mm | Adexa FWT156D -63% Out Of Stock
 Out Of Stock
If you're looking for extra flexibility, or need a high quality folding work table, then this may be..
(£179.00 excl VAT) £577.20 £214.80

Out of Stock

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Commercial Crushed Ice Machine 30kg/24h 7kg bin | Adexa SFIM30 -60%
 In Stock
Provide the guests at your hotel, bar, pub, or cafe with ice cold refreshment using this undercounte..
(£737.00 excl VAT) £2,211.60 £884.40
Preparation Counter 2 doors 7xGN1/4 1360x700x1085mm | Adexa SH27 -60%
 In Stock
Commercial sandwich prep counter. Perfect for salad prep, pizza preparation and ton of other caterin..
(£949.00 excl VAT) £2,882.40 £1,138.80
Refrigerated display 100 litres Countertop | Adexa XCW100L -61%
 In Stock
Professional chilled merchandiser great for showcasing cakes and pastries in cafes, restaurants or s..
(£429.00 excl VAT) £1,318.80 £514.80
Refrigerated Servery Prep Top 1500mm 7xGN1/4 Depth 330mm | Adexa PT15 -59%
 In Stock
This top quality refrigerated topping unit is designed to give outstanding performance day after day..
(£359.00 excl VAT) £1,058.40 £430.80
Slotted Turner 37cm Stainless steel Plastic handle | Adexa WHK052 -60%
 In Stock
Serve your signature dishes in style with this stainless steel perforated turner. Made with a durabl..
(£4.00 excl VAT) £12.00 £4.80
Polycarbonate Measuring Jug 2 litre Heavy duty | Adexa MC2 -70%
 In Stock
Extra durable professional use measuring jug for restaurant, catering or hospitality catering u..
(£2.43 excl VAT) £9.60 £2.92
Professional Oven Mitt Extra long Silicone Black | Adexa BHSC01B -58%
 In Stock
Heat-resistant and flame retardant – offering protection up to 450°F, this single oven glove with qu..
(£5.00 excl VAT) £14.40 £6.00
Professional Frying Pan Stainless steel Teflon Non-stick 9.5''/240mm | Adexa SE32405N -50%
 In Stock
Manufactured from premium heavy duty stainless steel, this commercial frying pan is built to last. H..
(£14.00 excl VAT) £33.60 £16.80
Professional Stew pan with Lid Stainless steel 7.0 litres | Adexa SE12416 -59%
 7-10 days delivery
This premium stainless steel pan offers excellent professional quality at an incredibly competitive ..
(£19.00 excl VAT) £55.20 £22.80
Commercial Condiment/Sauce Dispenser 2 pumps Stainless steel | Adexa JZS002 -58%
 In Stock
For heavy traffic sandwich shops, concession stands, and convenience stores, this high volume condim..
(£89.00 excl VAT) £254.40 £106.80
Ingredient Bin 24 litre Transparent lid | Adexa BIN63 -60%
 In Stock
Ensure quick access to essential dry ingredients with this commercial ingredient bin. Its 100 cup ca..
(£39.00 excl VAT) £117.00 £46.80
Commercial Bain Marie 1xGN1/1 | Adexa BMN -60%
 In Stock
This professional wet bain marie is the ideal catering appliance for keeping large batches of food w..
(£78.00 excl VAT) £235.20 £93.60
Commercial Food warmer 1 heating lamp GN1/1 | Adexa WL275 -60%
 In Stock
Ensure your most popular dishes stay at hot and safe temperatures throughout the day.Aluminum alloy ..
(£65.00 excl VAT) £195.60 £78.00
Commercial Bun Warmer / Warming Drawer Cabinet | Adexa WB02 -60%
 In Stock
This 2-drawer professional warming cabinet is constructed of high-grade stainless steel has a water ..
(£449.00 excl VAT) £1,347.60 £538.80
Commercial Pizza warming tray GN1/1 530x325mm | Adexa WT1 -50%
 In Stock
Professional warming tray ideal for holding all food at ready to serve temperature. Very useful for ..
(£89.00 excl VAT) £214.80 £106.80
Commercial Hot display case Pie warmer 4 shelves Countertop | Adexa SW580 -59%
 In Stock
Showcase your hot foods and snacks with this professional catering countertop heated display unit.To..
(£195.00 excl VAT) £571.20 £234.00
Commercial Fryer Electric 22 litres 3kW Countertop | Adexa EF201V -60%
 In Stock
Heavy duty and very high capacity single tank professional fryer. With a industrial sized 22 li..
(£185.00 excl VAT) £555.60 £222.00
Commercial Deep Fat Fryer 8 litres 2.5kW Countertop | Adexa MAREF81 -60%
 In Stock
Professional single tank deep fat fryer at a huge sale discount. This high quality countertop fr..
(£59.00 excl VAT) £177.60 £70.80
Commercial Wok Induction cooker 3.5kW | Adexa EMO3K5C -60%
 In Stock
Simple to use, clean and maintain, this professional single zone induction wok provides efficient, y..
(£185.00 excl VAT) £555.60 £222.00
Gas BBQ Grill with 2 burners & side trays | Adexa E10C10C32 -63%
 In Stock
This sleek two burner gas barbecue has convenient side tables for placing serving trays. Superior re..
(£129.00 excl VAT) £417.60 £154.80
Commercial Gas chargrill 2 zones 12.0kW Table top | Adexa Hotmax 700 GGL721S -60%
 In Stock
High performance and very reliable premium professional chargrill with high output. Powerful gas bur..
(£749.00 excl VAT) £2,247.60 £898.80
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